Ad Networks
With our end-to-end platform, some of the world's leading networks easily manage their advertisers and publishers.
New and existing Ad Networks adopt the SmartAdTags platform to either establish advertising capabilities to an existing operation. Free demo signup!
Create your own ad network
  manage and track any number and type of publishers, advertisers and campaigns

Join the video and the mobile advertising revolution
  reach top publishers looking to diversify their campaigns and website content

Support all creative types
  our integrated content management system and content delivery network support video overlay ads, banners, rich media & 3rd party JavaScript & HTML tags

Create your own brand
  your logo and network name, your domain name, your CDN and ad server domain names in ad tags

Improve your partners' user experience
  with Smart AD Tags' intuitive dashboards and management consoles, self-service and ad network management have never been easier

Sell or buy traffic through our global marketplace
  get access to high effective CPM (eCPM) paying campaigns, and boost your direct campaigns

Strengthen the relationship with your premium publishers
  with Smart AD Tags' integrated supply side platform (SSP), they can set direct campaigns or sell you media every time your campaigns performs better

Stay up-to-date
  we are constantly adding new features and capabilities to meet your specific needs

Run CPM, PPV, CPC & CPA video campaigns
  Smart AD Tags platform supports video advertising, including pay-per-view (PPV), cost-per-click (CPC) and cost-per-action (CPA) monetization

Diversify ad presentation formats
  deliver your ads as in-banner ads, sliders, pop-up or pop-under ads, as well as expandable banners and pre-rolls with companion banners

Optimize your publishers' revenue, and yours
  with Smart AD Tags' revenue optimization and action prediction engines, it is simple to optimize your revenue through all the pricing models

Enjoy reliable tracking and near real-time analytics
  with our reliable impression, view, click & action tracking and highly accurate reporting, you will be able to focus on the real challenge – increasing your revenues and growing your business

Reduce your IT costs
  with our highly scalable cloud based platform, capable of serving billions of ads on a daily basis, you get 99% uptime SLA, dedicated account manager and variety of support plans

No platform setup costs
  register to receive your account, and start using the platform!