Platform Features
We can provide your ad network with flexible, efficient and cost-effective solutions.
Full Branding | Setup & Workflow | Creative & Pricing Types | Analytics & Reporting | Prediction Engine | Value-added Capabilities
Full Branding

Smart AD Tags is a white-label private exchange that enables you to present your own ad exchange to the world.
Setup & Workflow

While developing ASmart AD Tags, we have placed a special emphasis on rapid implementation and simple operation for the benefit of our customers.
Creative & Pricing Types

While developing ASmart AD Tags supports various creative types and pricing models, letting you choose your preferred ad serving methods.
Analytics & Reporting

While developing ASmart AD Tags offers best-of-breed analytics and reporting modules that help increase your network performance.
Prediction Engine

While developing ASmart AD Tags offers a unique, highly effective prediction engine that increases eCPM rates through revenue optimization.
Value-added Capabilities

Our platform offers many additional features, such as full transparency, fraud prevention, mobile advertising and video advertising.