Frequently asked questions
With our end-to-end platform, some of the world’s leading networks easily manage their advertisers and publishers.
New and existing Ad Networks adopt the SmartAdTags platform to either establish advertising capabilities to an existing operation. Free demo signup!
Why Smart AD Tags?

There are a few reasons why smartadtags is the best choice for ad networks and media agencies:
 Our unique prediction engine increases eCPM through revenue optimization like no other ad exchange
 smartadtags′s wide range of features can meet almost any requirement or need that may arise while operating an ad network or a media agency, including leads and customer management, creative support, advanced tracking, reporting, and many more
 smartadtags is on the constant move. We are actively adding new features to an already long list of available ones, and are very open for our customers’ improvement suggestions and requirements. Our research, development and professional services teams are always happy to assist customers and learn from them.
 Our pricing is very competitive. Please contact us for more information about our business model.

How much revenue will I generate?

Naturally, your revenue will depend on the level of your experience with online advertising and your connections within the industry. However, many of our customers have raised their profits by tens of percents shortly after they started working with Smart AD Tags.

What are the technological requirements?

Smart AD Tags doesn't require any technical expertise on your side. Furthermore, it will reduce your IT costs thanks to its SaaS (Software as a Service) model. As a cloud-based application, you won’t have to pay for dedicated servers, IT personnel, maintenance and upgrades. Smart AD Tags' highly scalable and secured web-based platform is capable of serving billions of ads on a daily basis, with a 99% uptime SLA.